ATLAS Outdoor was set up in 2012 to enable customers to harness the growing prominence ofoutdoor marketing devices as an effective means of delivering their messages to huge audiences.

ATLAS Outdoor has by far the largest network of outdoor sites and media across the UAE and is aiming to be one of the largest outdoor media owners across the whole of the MIDDLE EAST region with expanding offices worldwide.

All our products have been developed with your needs in mind and all our outdoor sites are located in prime areas on highways and within the city to catch the attention of the greatest number of people. Whether you want to communicate your brand’s message from a rooftop or stand omnipresent as part of the city’s compelling skyline, ATLAS ADVERTISING Outdoor’s range of formats and sites are chosen and developed with one objective – to help you cut through the clutter and stand out from the crowd.

ATLAS Signs is aiming at getting various Large Scale outdoor Medium Sites very soon.

Product and Services

Large Scale Outdoor Mediums

Oversized images are ideal for brand building and product awareness. Most importantly, they help to communicate the emotion that characterizes your company’s products and services. Our range of large- format solutions include unipoles (billboards), bridge banners, wall banners, scaffolds and rooftops, offering a wide selection of hard-hitting options to choose from.

Small Scale Outdoor Mediums

Small-format media vehicles are terrific for tactical campaigns. Easy to install banners, flags, mupis and lamp posts are ideal for displaying promotional material that might need regular or urgent changing throughout your marketing campaign.