Neon Signs

Neon Signage is made using tubes that contain low density neon gas. They are available in wide range of colors and are very useful due to its durability. We provide open neon letter type signage and many more; the long life of neon signs provided a practical market. These are used everywhere including homes.

Building Exterior Lighting

Building exterior lighting systems are available in different styles and specifications. These attractive outdoor lights for daily use and for decorative purposes. Main advantage of this signage is its low energy consumption.

Cove Lighting

Cove lighting is an indirect lighting on the ceiling or high on the walls of a room to light decorative ceilings.These lights are also installed in the kitchen over the kitchen cabinets.

Open Neon Signs

Open Neon Signs are very useful for restaurants or at your storefront.This easily attracts customers and let people know that the shop or store is open even from a distance.Investing to open neon lights is an asset for the shop owners.

Outdoor Signs

Neon outdoor signs quickly became popular.Airport signs, road signs, hospital signs, educational institution signs, government building signs, tower signs, shop front signs, ware house signs, directional signs etc. Neon outdoor signs are long lasting and have maximum reach to the customer’s identity.